Asteroids could soon wipe out humanity

Huge rocks (asteroids) detent tirelessly on the earth. It comes to impact, whole areas of the country and even continents could be destroyed. What sounds like a sci-fi movie, is possible at any time. The astrophysicists observe done with Argus’ eyes.

Danger from space! Meteorite explodes over Chelyabinsk

Six years ago, an asteroid devastated the Russian city of Chelyabinsk region. As the rocks on 15. February 2013 over the city a destructive pressure wave exploded, raced over the land. With an estimated diameter of 20 meters, the meteorite approximately 16,000 tons on the scale.

Countless Discs Are forbidden, thousands of buildings were damaged. About 1,500 people were injured. As the Chelyabinsk meteorite came from the direction of the sun, he could be detected by any sky monitoring program. A warning was not available.

“The one sees relatively late,” says Rüdiger Jehn, Director of the office of planetary protection in the satellite control center of the European Space Agency ESA. “The opportunity to bring the years before is relatively low.”

That’s why there is the International Asteroid Day on 30.06.2019

But 100 years ago Russia was taken by a space chunk. A 40-meter asteroid exploded on 30.06.1908 in the Tunguska region in Siberia. On a surface – as big as the Saarland – millions of trees were swept away. The United Nations declared 2016 the 30. June International Asteroid Day. From now on this day should be about the risks and possible defense measures of asteroids.


For Asteroid Day, 2019 was even an extra TV channel live. There know lectures and films flicker around the topic of asteroids and space. The installation instructions and a program plan can be found here. Those who do not have a satellite dish, the program can also look in the live stream on YouTube.

Collision Course! In front of these asteroids warns the ESA

Scientists are trying to protect humanity from the threat from outer space. “We have a list of nearly 870 objects that have a chance to meet the Earth in the next hundred years”, says Rudiger Jehn. The trajectory of these objects is exactly in mind. Some experts prepare the Astro but already now.

All dangerous rocks can be found on the website of the ESA. Originally, the asteroid 99942 with the name “Apophis” as a threat to our planet. But in the meantime, experts make sure that the 300-meter Brocken on 13.04.2029 only very close to the earth fly by – so close that it could even be seen with the naked eye. The situation is different in the Asteroid2006 QV89.

He could at the 09.09.2019 collide with Earth. According to the ESA is the impact probability at 1 to 7.299. For comparison: the chance to win a lottery win is 1 to 140 million. In July we probably know more. Scientists have calculated a point on the trajectory of the asteroids.

If you do not see it on this point in July, then there is no danger for the earth. The asteroid but should appear, is the giant on a collision course. Then the next stands for the 06.05.20122 on the plan of the ESA. Then the earth of asteroid 2009 JF1.

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