Google has developed the first quantum computer

If this is true, the group had reached the point of “Quantum supremacy”, so the quantum computer superiority over the conventional computers – with far-reaching consequences. A research team from the group in a scientific paper describes how an experimental computer based on quantum technology solves a complex mathematical problem: it provides evidence that the randomly generated numbers really are random. And even in supposedly 3:20 minutes.

A modern high-performance computer needed the researchers to estimate that more than 10,000 years.

The Financial Times rummaged the paper on a server of the space agency NASA. The problem: according to the report, the drafting disappeared again, and Google did not want to comment on that. Researchers all over the world are seeking to understand well, the result. Quantum computers don’t expect with transistors that are switched on or off and the world divided into zeros and ones, but use the laws of quantum mechanics. You will need a sophisticated design in addition to conventional chips, the technology protects against external influences, such as radiation. For most people it is bizarre: elementary particles may be more than a state, you can at the same time, here or there.

The smallest unit of information, Qubit”, can be somewhere between zero and one, as if it were on a spherical surface any point marked.

This condition can be used for calculations, as researchers have demonstrated benefits – in theory at least. Quantum computers are computers with a conventional architecture for the foreseeable future, not replace but complement each other. You have great strengths in dealing with optimization problems in computer science are commonplace. A few examples: How does a car at the most quickly from A to B? How is a manufactured product is best? And how is a stadium at the evacuated most quickly?

quantum computers

In the long term, a quantum computer has the potential, large scientific problems to solve. Researchers hope, for example, that the production of fertilizer can be much more efficient if you developed a new catalytic converter – the savings of CO2 were enormous. Last but not least, the device could revolutionize the cryptography: Computer scientists suspect that today’s encryption methods obsolete, but also new, highly secure algorithms are possible. In addition, quantum computers offer an alternative if the traditional IT to their physical limits. The traces of today’s processors are only a few atoms wide – much less, it is not. Thus, Moore’s Law, which postulated a doubling of computing power every two years expire. The IT industry is, therefore, working intensively on alternatives – one could be the quantum computer. “More than Moore” is the keyword. The theory is nobody in question, but their implementation is proving to be difficult.

Quantum computers must be cooled to extremely low values, in order to be able to work at all.

The statuses of the elementary particles are stable only for a tiny fraction of a second and correspondingly difficult to measure. The research is still much less than it would experience with the hardware, the semiconductor industry with computer chips. In the reduction of the error rate, while specialists all over the world. When you succeed, the physicist but does not dare to forecast. Also, the estimates of market researchers and discussions on the development of sales contain a large spread. In these uncertain prospects also changes the experiment by Google nothing. The internet group had worked continuously in recent years, which is the basis of publications and lectures to understand. However, Google’s application very academic and specifically to the strengths of the new computer category.

In the exclusive round of quantum researchers obligations many of this opinion. The progress made by Google was “certainly a milestone,” says Jim Clarke, head of the Quantum Research at Intel chip specialists. This but I am on the first kilometer of a Marathon”. According to the manager in Intel expects “perhaps ten years,” with fully working quantum computers, “will change our lives.” The group itself is investigating intensively on the technology. Forward-thinking companies are already preparing for the “Day X” if Quantum Computers everyday life. Volkswagen, for example, with the hardware manufacturer D-wave started a research project. Others use simulators in the cloud, in order to familiarize themselves with the technology – even so, a certain amount of trial and error, if the technology could change processes or business models. “Even if the commercial use is still a decade away, managers should not get caught unprepared when the time comes,” warns Intel Manager Clarke.

quantum computer

When it comes to quantum computers, most American companies make headlines: companies such as Google and IBM and start-ups such as D-wave and Rigetti. Also, the Chinese IT giant Alibaba is working on the technology. On the other hand, European actors are not publicly so present. This perception feeds the fear that the economy on the old continent missed another technological trend. The US Congress has only just over a billion dollars for quantum research, China should be granted even over ten billion dollars in the future of the computer. The federal government calls on quantum technology in this parliamentary term, the EU provides €650 million over ten years one billion Euro. The scientists want the project “Open Super Q” to develop a quantum computer, which deals with the devices that can measure from overseas. The scientists lead to a political argument: The research will help to preserve digital sovereignty. The technology is at the beginning, therefore, it is necessary to understand you as low as possible. In addition, it is necessary to reduce dependence on other countries.

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